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Grove & Barrow have a passion for all things coffee. Hot, cold, long, short… well you get the idea. We specialise in nitro infused cold brew coffee and serve it on draught from our custom built trike in around Greater Brisbane. What’s nitro infused coffee? Well nitro looks like beer but tastes like a creamy coffee without the addition of dairy. Although, we can add some milk if you prefer!

You can usually find us and our budding 3-year old barista hitting up local parks and events south-west of Brisbane, South Bank parklands or you can jump on the socials for live updates near you.

Grove & Barrow Nitro is also available for events, in-store pop ups, corporate office visits, trade shows and so on. If you’re interested in an event get in touch below.



Nitro Coffee or cold brew is an amazing way to enjoy your coffee cold, perfect for hot climates like we have here in Brisbane, Australia.

Nitro Coffee is made by slowly steeping freshly ground coffee over 24-hours and infusing with nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head, similar to that of nitrogenated stout beer such as Guinness. Nitrogen (N2) bubbles are smaller than carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles and, when infused with coffee it creates a luxurious creamy mouthfeel.

Just like stout beer, our Nitro Coffee is served by stout tap. It is infused with nitrogen fresh in the line to maximise the texture and served ice cold all from the our custom built danish tricycle. Nitro is a healthy, refreshing and unique way to enjoy coffee and even better is completely environmentally friendly.

Grove & Barrow is an environmentally conscious business, all waste material is recycled from the coffee grinds, filter papers and even our compostable bio-cups. Reusable items are preferred during production. Nitrogen is a safe and completely inert gas present the air you breathe at around 78%. It is harmless and has no odour. Our beans are sourced locally from Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast and supplied in reusable pails and to top it all off, we deliver our tasty beverage to you by peddle power!

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